Live Blog – Day 2

Graeme Earl continued from previous page

Disciplinary Collaboration

at group and institutional levels,

Tech: social web; expert discovery; scholarly concerns;

a thinking and collaborative space – solely in a digital form…

Project collaboration

Research collaboration



JISC projects


Tech: semantic web technologies, repositories, and e-infrastructures,

These things together are defining research spaces – PATINA sandpit project :

Designing research spaces for the next 50 years

Blending physical and digital interactions

recording research practice, and playing it back; walking in the footsteps of great researchers…

Exploring ways of creating new hybrid research spaces

Examining the theoretical and political implications

Patina comprises diffferent languages from different disciplines… archaeologists, architectural and art theorists, cultural geographers, engineers, HCI experts, narrative media specialists and web science.

Çatalhöyük Visualisation Project complex contextual interactive personal patinated

It is important to add back in the person to the machine – hybridised technology and people – interaction spaces

Techno spaces

The importance of place and ‘liveness?’ No lone scholar – I am not alone after all…

Some new ideas are emerging, augmented and virtual realities, Pranav Mistry and Pattie Maes are to be read!  A case study is Pompeii – ipad use on the site, and in the labs – another case study: Portus.

Data places RTI

Information places: Networks

Semantic places

Imaginary places

Pervasive places – the whispering site…

Thinking places

semantics of scans; empirical provenance; paradata; procedural simulation

procedural grammars, geometries… logical ways of mapping out architecture…

? Julianne Nyhan asks are they machine readable?  Yes – if you were to define a series of such grammars – to make comparisons, and make systematic analyses of the data… cityengine website.

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